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  • Published: May 3, 2013
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To whom it may concern,
My name is Shaniqua Conley, and I attend Louisiana State University Shreveport. I recently graduated from Southwood High School, and I plan on furthering my education at LSUS to become an early childhood teacher. I am hoping on graduating in 2014, but if the budget cuts take place I do not think I will be able to do what I had planned. I care about furthering my education, but when people say budget cuts might occur next year I feel like you all do not care about higher education like you propose. So why should I? That would put a problem on top of a problem, because it seems like that is what you want students to do. If you close LSUS, it is not going to be easy for people to jump up and relocate to another school. Most people are already sacrificing time to drive all the way to LSUS if they stay outside of Shreveport. So I understand how those students feel when they say they do not care about school anymore. Other people have families, and cannot just move their family around so they can attend a good school. If you all were in our position, I am sure you would feel the exact same way, but when you are on the opposite side of the fence you do not really understand what we are going through. One way to help put an end to the budget cuts is to host fundraisers to raise money for the school. We could do things like carwashes, cookouts, and school events. I think this would help the school’s reputation and they could really profit from doing this. If everybody from LSUS tells somebody about the events, like their friends or everybody they know, before you know it they could have raised thousands of dollars. This is one way the school can consider raising money. Another way to help put an end to the budget cuts is to get money from the private schools, since they have a lot going towards sports and academics. I think instead of giving money to schools for sports, you all should be giving it to colleges in support of higher...
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