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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Addiction 1

The many addictions in life.
DeShawn O. Johnson
Baker College

Addiction 2

Addiction one of the world’s least talked about tragedies. When we think of addiction the first things that comes to mind is drugs, there are hundreds of addiction in the world. Most addictions are over looked or deemed not important but every day people find themselves sad depressed or out of character because of their addictions. Some addictions are money, men or women, sex, gambling, clothing, shoes, food and did I mention money. An addiction is usually frowned upon when seen form someone else’s eyes but form the inside out its powerful need in many there addiction is more powerful that life itself. This essay will cover my thoughts of two essays, “I will take my voice back” by Quique Aviles and “Beating the odds “by Cara. An addiction is something that many of us have and were to shallow to see it or where to strong to listen to others who try to help us.

“I will take my voice back” essay by Quique Aviles describes the authors struggle with drugs and alcohol. Coming to America in the 1980’s he was faced with the struggle of a new life trying to make new friends or find people like his self and wanting to explore trying to fit in. During his time he realized that drugs had fit in him and death was next. After 3 drugs and alcohol rehabilitation centers lost friends and loved ones he looked for help and found it in writing poetry and acting as a way from his addiction.

Addiction 3 Beating the odds “essay by is a step in a different direction were...
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