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Danone Sustainability Report 2011



Editorial: Franck riboud

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tHE stratEgy in action: 2011 rEsults Focus on tHE Four stratEgic prioritiEs 7 9 11 health for all nature PeoPle 14 27 36 43

Social iSSueS nutrition anD health iSSueS environmental iSSueS

dasHboard: 2011 stakEHoldEr coMMitMEnts and outlook
conSumerS communitieS SuPPlierS environment emPloyeeS 58 64 64 66 68

MEasuring progrEss and pErForMancE tHrougHout tHE valuE cHain Danone Way reSPect Danone'S evaluation by non-financial rating agencieS 75 80

a social initiativE built on danonE’s spEciFic FEaturEs
Social integration toolS in the comPany'S buSineSS StakeholDerS at the heart of Dialogue corPorate governance nutrition anD health governance

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Historical approacH and HigHligHts
reference DocumentS highlightS anD key DateS 1972-2011 105 106


Danone Sustainability Report 2011


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Self-evaluation of the application of GRI according to version 3.0 guidelines for the GRI with approval by KPMG Audit.

coMpany proFilE and rEport paraMEtErs
comPany Profile rePort ParameterS valiDation of the rePort by an external thirD Party 125 126

iMpacts and rEsponsibilitiEs in businEss, FroM End to End


pErForMancE indicators
governance, commitmentS anD engagement economic environmental Social human rightS Society ProDuct reSPonSibility 134 142 154 182 200 206 216


Danone Sustainability Report 2011



Editorial: Franck riboud

"in sustainable development more than any other area, we can only rise to the challenges if we are able to develop radically different approaches"

People often ask me why Danone’s sustainable development action places such importance on social innovation projects. For example, why did we include this focus in the individual targets of the company’s 1,400 managers? Why have we set up investment funds like the Danone Ecosystem Fund and, more recently, the Livelihoods Fund? What economic benefit can a major corporation like Danone expect in return? And should we continue in this way despite the difficult and uncertain global context? My answer to those who might be tempted to turn back is simple: in sustainable development more than any other area, we can only rise to the challenges if we are able to develop radically different approaches. This requires the ability to explore and try out new ways. It is therefore more vital than ever that Danone’s eyes and ears be wide open to the world, to meet current expectations and make the necessary changes to prepare the company for those of tomorrow. Our approach of being an open-minded company seeking to co-design new solutions with our stakeholders is firmly rooted in Danone’s culture and model and contributes to our overall long-term performance. The credibility of a global food company like Danone hinges on our capacity to be consistent in our mission and to adjust to local conditions. In 2011, Danone continued efforts on the strategic priorities(1) defined in 2008 and I would like to mention a few examples here: • ininventingnewmodelstobringhealththroughfood "to as many people as possible," 2011 was marked by the creation of a production and R&D unit in India dedicated to low-income populations. We also launched Fundooz, a first nutrition product for children. The experience in India will enhance action we have been taking for five years in Bangladesh to develop products and distribution channels that meet the needs of a greater number of consumers. These new approaches prompt us to question ourselves and they drive innovation in countries where the group...
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