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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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18 Kids World My pet
My pet is a dog. His name is Joby. He is brown in colour. He is a Boxer. He likes to play with me and my brother. He likes to eat vegetables but does not like to eat meat. He likes me and I like him very much. Imasha Amarakoon (Grade 1) Vision International School, Kandy

** August 12, 2007

My country
My country is Sri Lanka. It is an Island in the Indian Ocean. It is also called the 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean.' This is an agricultural country. Most of the people are farmers. Our staple food is rice. There are several communities in my country. They are the Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burghers. The population of Sri Lanka is about 19 million. Our main imports are food, clothes and machinery. Our main exports are tea, rubber and coconut. Our country became a republic in 1972. We gained Independence in 1948. Now we are a free nation. Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte is the capital of Sri Lanka. Our commercial capital is Colombo. Piduruthalagala is the highest mountain and Mahaweli is the longest river. We have a tropical climate. Sri Lanka is famous throughout the world as a tourist paradise. There are many tourist attractions here. Some of them are waterfalls, ancient ruins, sanctuaries, sandy beaches and botanical gardens. Hon. Mahinda Rajapakse is the President of my country. The Prime Minister is Hon. Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka. I love my country very much! Asna Razak (11 years) Baddiuddin M. G. C., Kandy

A tree speaks
I am a coconut tree in Mr. Silva's house. I live in his garden. I am very tall. My trunk is brown in colour and very hard. My leaves and fruits are also brown in colour. I am a very useful tree. My master earns a lot of money from me. Every part of my body is very important and useful. My leaves are used to burn the hearth. My ekels are used to make ekel brooms and also my master can sell my fruits and earn money or my master can scrape the kernel inside the fruit and use it for curries or the kernel can be made into...
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