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Karen Johnson
19 April 2013
English 1301.07
D. Mason
Arthur Kipps
Susan Hill’s novel, The Woman in Black, introduces Arthur Kipps as an elderly man, living comfortably in a countryside house with a nice family that is living up to society’s expectations. Hill boosts her indictment of contrast of Mr. Arthur Kipps as a well-developed man, after his young, ambitious, childish ways during his era at Eel Marsh House. The author’s destination is to differentiate a young Arthur Kipps to an elder Arthur Kipps in order for her audience to understand the growth the young Arthur Kipps went through to get where he is. The author writes in an objective tone for the audience to collectively pass understanding on the difference of this one, but two characters.

Susan Hill’s novel, The Woman in Black, introduces Arthur Kipps as an elderly man that is living in a nice house living comfortably in a countryside house with a loving family with him on Christmas Eve. He is a man of habit and finds a sense of jubilation in knowing that everything is how it should be, under control. Kipps is the man who seems to have a comfortable life with no bumps in the road. He looks back at himself as a young man and his experience in Eel Marsh House and Susan Hill starts to let the reader know just how different Kipps has become. When Kipps takes the journey to Eel Marsh House he is a young man who’s main ambition in life is to rise higher in his accountancy firm and to live a comfortable life. He has been influenced by society and their expectations of a gentleman and a family man. He has a dull personality, who doesn’t get worried easily nor let’s himself get distracted. “But I was, in those days of my youth, a sturdy, commmonsensical fellow, and I felt no uneasiness or apprehension whatsoever”. His work is important to him and it makes him feel good about himself and self-important “For I must confess I had the Londoners sense of superiority in those days, the half-formed belief...

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