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In November 2004 Ace Builders (your employer) was awarded a contract for the renovation of Shea Stadium to house the New York Mets. An artist rendition of the proposed renovations is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Proposed stadium for the
New York Mets

The construction must start on January 14, 2004 and must be completed within fifteen months. Liquidated damages (penalty clause) of $250,000 per calendar day of delay beyond March 31, 2005 is written into the contract. On the other hand, Ace will receive an Early Completion Bonus of $100,000 per day for each workday the project is completed before March 31, 2005.

In order to meet this aggressive schedule, the project will require around the clock construction crews, detailed project management, good construction weather, and some modern construction techniques.

The project will begin with mobilizing equipment, preparing a staging area, and some minor demolition work - activities that are expected to last approximately eight weeks. Once the site is ready and all equipment mobilized, the work can start simultaneously on both the structure and the playing field.

The work in the field involves excavation for installation of a new subsurface irrigation, drainage and heating facilities. This activity is followed by actual installation of water and drain pipes, valves, heating and control circuits, etc. Installation of the subsurface facilities (fourteen weeks) is followed by filling of the playing field and track. Only with the completion of the backfill material needed for the drainage systems (four weeks) can the installation of the artificial playing turf take place, an activity that consumes six weeks.

The work on the structure itself starts with excavation and foundation preparation (four weeks) followed by the pouring of concrete footings (six weeks). Next comes the pouring of supports for box seats, façade, and luxury boxes (ten weeks), followed by erecting pre-cast concrete façade and the luxury boxes (sixteen weeks). Finish work on the boxes will be accomplished over the next five weeks. The roof must be erected on a steel structure that takes approximately four weeks to install. Prefabrication of the work will also take 4 weeks. Once the roof is erected, work can start simultaneously on the lights (seven weeks) and on the scoreboard (five weeks). The date on which the project is scheduled to start, falls on a Wednesday. The contractor has bid this job with 5-day workweeks.

Part I
Jim Brown, the President of Ace Builders, called a planning meeting in which he expressed great satisfaction at obtaining the contract and revealed that the company could earn a gross profit of $20,000,000 (early completion bonus included) on the $350M project. He was confident that the project could be completed on time with an allowance for the usual delays anticipated in such a large contract.

First, develop a WBS for the project based on the activities provided. Remember that while the WBS starts with the product breakdown structure, at bottom level is specified in terms of work that needs to be performed i.e the WBS elements at this level begin with verbs. Next develop a high-level Gantt chart in MS Project for presentation to the Board of Directors of Ace Builders. The board has expressed concerns about the exposure to risk from such an aggressive schedule. Table 1. High-level activities, precedence relationships, and durations for the new home of the Mets

Using information from preparation of the bid, you developed the...
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