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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Trees can be of different types, for exapmle a family tree, a christmas tree, a tree in your back yard and most interestingly the forbidden tree or the tree of knowledge and evil .All these trees have some thing in common; that they are equally important to your life. With out these trees one may not survive because trees are meant to provide you oxygen, food and shelter. Let us look at the importance of each tree indivdually. A family tree is really very important to you because with out it you never know who you are, where you were born to whom family to belong to and who were your ancestors and what language they spoke and in what ways they were different to you. If I think of my family tree, It always surprises me to know that my ancestors were typical arabs of Iraq, spoke arabic and dressed like them. If I were to see them by my own eyes ; I hardly accept them as my blood line. They would remain stranger to me but of course after all they are in family tree. However, I christmas tree is little bit different from other trees .It is also a source of excitement and entertainment. I got a chance of staying in west observing their christmas festivites. I watched every one was eager to buy a christmas tree,a real one or an artifical one; Kids were excited in buying a decorative tree where they can pluck their gifts instead of fruits of their choices. Planting a pine tree for christmas season is a huge business in the west. Although, it has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus Christ. Every year it brings billions of dollars to the economy of the west. Any ways,I believe its a great ritual because at least people can get some awareness of the value of trees while paying a big sum of money from their pocket .It reminded me of our festive of Eid- ul-Fitr when buying a small animal for sacryfing some times becomes the utmost wish of a person.How ever, A christmas tree brings life to everyone during the cold winter days of decemeber when every place seemed to be...
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