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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Maryam Akinwande
October 17, 2012
Essay #4
It has often been said that literature does not bear any resemble to the real life. In fact, proponents of this theory have further stated that literature is simply fabricated and cannot reflect the way real people behave. However, these statements are not true. In fact literature is often very close to real life and vice versa. This becomes apparent as one takes a close at the plot, characters and settings in literature and realizes how closely these reflect everyday situations, people and the environment in which they live. First of all, plots in literature closely resemble situations in real life this is commonly seen in movies, novels and other aspects in literature. It is jus like real life because people try to write about everything that happens and how they evolve around events. So literature serves as an inspiration for others. It is also a way to connect with people of similar situations and help them feel comfort and sympathy because that may be what they need at a particular moment. It is something that one puts in writing to teach other people about their experience on how to live or become a certain way. Literature also helps a person change his or ways from learning from other people’s way of life through the media. . Surely, it is evident that plots in literature are often based on everyday life and situations

Secondly, characters in literature often bear a resemblance to actual people. In other words, the characters are often based either loosely or entirely on people known to the writers in literature can be based on actual people for fear of lawsuits and other legal repercussions. However, many writers make disclaimers that their characters are not based on any person alive or dead, but are indeed figments of their imaginations. They do use some people in their life but still put their own imaginations into it, it not completely their idea. They have to have something that gives them an...
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