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Chapter 1

1.) What are the many explanations about the origin of our land?

There are many explanations about the origin of our land. As Christians, we believe that the land forms were made by God as part of God’s creation of the world. After the Great flood in the time of Noah, many continents and islands appeared. So the descendants of Noah spread out to many parts of the world. The other religions of some tribes in the Philippines explain the origin of this land by telling “legends”. One legend says the Philippines came from a giant who was carrying a huge rock. He got tired and threw the rock down, when it broke to many pieces, it formed the many islands of our country. But scientists have different opinions about the origin of our country. some geologists claim that it was a remnant of a prehistoric continent called mu or Lemuria in the Pacific Ocean. Due to volcanic eruptions or earthquakes, this vast continent sank beneath the ocean. And the most popularly-accepted scientific theory states that the Philippines was part of the Sunda Shelf, or the continental shelf of the Asia. About 25,000 years ago, the ice age ended, the world’s ice melted, and the rising sea level flooded the land bridges connecting the continent of Asia and the Philippines

2.) What are said to be natural resources of a country particularly the Philippines.

The natural resources of our country are the soil, plant and animal life, forest Resources, fish and Marine Resources, Minerals, Energy Sources, and the Science Beauties Natural Wonders.

3.) What are scenic beauties and natural wonders: In detail, name some of it in our country.

The scenic beauties and natural wonders of our country are the world-renowned Banaue Rice Terraces, the world-famous Mount Mayon in Bicolandia, The lovely Manila Bay, The Pagsanjan Falls and Gorge, the amazing umbrella geyser of Barrio Bigaa, the smallest and lowest volcano Taal Volcano, the scenic Talisay Beach in Cebu, the fabulous Chocolate Hills in Bohol and many more.
(Chapter 3)

Activity 1;

Narrate your own experience about scenic beauties or ordinary wonders you have seen.

It was in the midst of summer when my parents decided to take vacation at my mothers province. Everybody seems very excited because it was our first time and mother said it’s a long trip to travel.

We leave at our place at 5:00 am. As we were in the middle of our trip, I notice that the road we were taking was very curved. And in out both sideways was a green and tall height of hills, in the middle of it was a waterfall. I can clearly see how free those water falling that no one can ever step, those white and heavy water falling from that green mountain. It’s as if it’s taking every freedom in the world that sometimes humans don’t have. I can smell the fragrance of the trees as the wind blows them. I love that smell that I never smell in our town ever since before, the air that only in this place I can smell.

As I turn my sight at my right side, I saw an amazing scene. It’s a sea which has blue water and strong waves that snaps into the natural rocks at the shore. Waves are like those angry feasts trying to snaps those big rocks, I never believe that in my whole life I will be able to witness this beautiful scenery that only this once I will encounter. I can’t keep my eyes out of those sight only then to realize, I was too tired to take a nap. As I open my eyes, there’s a beautiful shimmering sunlight that shines so bright and twinkle just like a star in the night. Oh, how the beauty of wonders God created…I will never ever forget that experience in my whole life.

1.) Who were the first Filipinos? In detail give the best explanations we have about our distant past

* The best explanation we have about our distant past is cane from three main sources: (1) the story of God’s creation in the bible; (2) the story of evolution made by human scientist and; (3) legend and fairy tales...
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