Chapter 1:
Denise Brittain
Period 1
Chapter 1:
"In Secret"- This was written on a note that as given to the jailor from Defarge. This was about Charles.
"Five paces by four and a half"- Charles continued to say this as he walked around his room. This shows him succumbing to death and realizing his fate.
Chapter 2:
Wine- This symbolizes the women in the street, smeared with blood, pouring wine for the men. This shows how crazy and unorthodox people have become.
The Mob- This symbolizes the insanity of the civilization. They say "Help for the Bastille prisoner’s kindred in La Force!”
Chapter 3:
Knitting- The knitting is a large symbol in the story because it binds the people with their names on the knitting to the fate of death.
Kiss on the hand- Lucie reads the note from Charles saying, "He is fine, and under Dr. Manette's protection." She gratefully kisses one of Madame Defarge's hands, but Madame Defarge coldly turns, and goes back to her knitting.

Chapter 4:
1100- That is the number of people that Dr. Manette tells Lorry have been by La Guillotine.
The Queen and King beheaded- After a year, the Queen and King are both beheaded and the revolution continues to grow.
Chapter 5:
Prison windows- Dr. Manette suggests that Lucie walk near the prison where Charles might see her from the window of his cell. Lucie does just that, everyday.
Sawing wood- This represents the man that Lucie sees who is a wood-sawyer. He makes a joke about chopping wood, saying he ran his own little guillotine. This makes Lucie upset.
Chapter 6:
The courtroom-This is where everyone meets to find out the results of Charles trials. The room is inhabited by a rowdy crowd as well.
Sentenced to death- Charles is at the courtroom to be sentenced to death as an emigrant. This was not fair because the law was imposed after he was imprisoned.
Happy People- He was then acquitted. The crowd is very happy and carries him through the streets....
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