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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Essay on sports

Sport is one of the essential parts of a person's life. It helps us to not only gain good health but gives our lives interest, enthusiasm and excitement. Anyone who wants to play a sport needs to spend time practising. However, it’s said that there are many reasons for choosing either team sports or individual sports. To begin with, there are many people who like playing team sports like football, basketball and volleyball. Team sports usually contain at least two members in a team, therefore the team can develop the strengths and lessen the weak points of each member. Through team sports a cooperative spirit and teamwork can be developed. In addition, when playing team sports there are more people competing between the two teams, so that the games can become more exciting and enthusiastic. On the other hand, individual sports also attract a huge number of participants. The reason is that individual sports seem to be more flexible and convenient to practice and play in a busy life. Moreover, the players can be trained to have an independent spirit. In my free time I usually go swimming because my time does not allow me to practice and join in the team games. I can easily go to the swimming pool in my building whenever I am free. Swimming lets me become healthier. In conclusion, although the decision to play any sport depends on the time available and the type of person, either team sports or individual sports will benefit us with a healthy and optimistic attitude.
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