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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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The Montessori method was discovered in late 19th and early 20th century by Dr. Maria Montessori, who was born in the town of charawalle in 1870she discovered the potential of the child throughout her observations, which made her understand relationship between adult and 3 adult and child. At an era women had a little liberty for higher education. Dr. Maria Montessori challenged her society’s traditions. She took interest in the development of feeble minded children, who then was called as “idiots”. Dr. Montessori observed the behavior of these children and created materials for the only path for children towards intelligence is through work. This was the basis for the discovery of Montessori method of education. Likewise she opened her first school “casa dei bambini” means “children house” in Lorenzo a slum district in Italy. The simplest but profound truth inspired Dr. Montessori was “children teach themselves”. Observations in “casa dei bambini”

It was observed that children have natural desire for repetition. It gives lot of satisfaction to child, as repetition leads to perfection. Love for order, this is another observation which is natural to all human beings. Here we can say outer order which comes from our environment leads to inner order. Order is inherent to our life. Outer order brings peace to inner order and thoughts to action. The child observes the position of things in the environment and shows the pleasure in seeing them always in the same place and a violent reaction when no longer finds them in its place. It is very important to give the child freedom of choice with freedom comes mental concentration and with that comes love for repetition and order. The center of activity is learning by him and left free in his choice of occupation and movements. The child is continuously growing and all that has to do is with the means of his development. Dr. Maria Montessori has observed that there is no need for reward or punishment, the child works for...
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