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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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The importance of Reading
Reading is one of the most things that we do it all the time, actually we read things every day. The reading has many importance or effect on our life, first, it is the best way to collect information about anything that you want to know such as yesterday, the teacher told me that I should talk about Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft, so I had to know information about him and for that I collected information by reading it from Wikipedia site, that was an example for the importance of reading for collecting information. The second importance of reading, the scientists said that it is useful for mind, because it develops the mind is muscle, also it is developing the imagination for example when you read a story or when someone tell you what happen in the road while he was walking there, your mind is imagining that. Another importance of reading that when you reading something, you feel confident. Reading is related with knowledge because reading gives you knowledge by reading things you know things. Reading is useful for many things, its use to study for the first year in high school until becoming something like a teacher, doctor or anything that he wants. Also it is used for pleasure such as stories, novels and poems. There is another thing that we use reading for knowing information Like newspaper and television news. Also we all are reading thing in every day, always we are reading things when we are seeing things while we are walking and when we buy things, So reading is one of the most important things in our life , everything is reading. Reading was known and it will be known as a source of knowledge and pleasure. There is so much information to know or learn, so we never finish with reading. For me reading is so important, I am reading books or magazine more than television is, because the television hurts the eyes , but reading books not hurt the eyes it also good for your mind and it develop your thought and thinking,...