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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Title: To kill A Mockingbird
Publication: The Florida Times Union
Date: July 17, 2010

This article talks about the impact the book had on us then and now. Also it talks about how we have overcome so much yet still have some of the same racial problems as far as the legal system is accounted for. The article shows views on the book from different views of different readers. The author tells us his/her views and gives us an insight of the things some people think of the book. This book is truly a treasure everyone has read it or needs to. Issue Still Here

In today’s society some people believe a black man will get treated with more consequences than a white man but it’s still a step better than being killed just for the color of your skin without being trialed. A suspect's race should never be a factor in deciding the outcome of a criminal trial. “The key to better race relations is education and interaction. All people want the same things in life. If we accept that fact and treat all people accordingly, we will significantly improve race relations in our community.” - LEO ARMBRISTER, Fleming Island. I’m sure most will agree to this statement and the articles view on the subject. Atticus Finch was a man who even when was put down for doing the right thing still fought for what he thought was right while still steering his kids in the direction of having an open heart. In the article the author states it surprised them that “residents of Maycomb, who were afraid to speak out, but in the end supported Atticus Finch for doing the right thing in defending Tom Robinson.” “Group members felt that way today; supportive of racial justice but reluctant to speak publicly. - JIM CROOKS, Jacksonville” So we even have people like the residents of Maycomb in the present.

My View
Throughout the article it tells of how it was wonderfully written and how it’s one of the most favorite books throughout America. I love how Lee tells us the story in a...
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