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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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AP World History Essay
Jaycee Malone
7th Period

In North America, dark skinned or other races other than white were treated poorly because their skin was a different color. In North America, all of the slaves had to lose everything to lose all of their identity from Africa. They were treated worse than the slaves from Latin America. The society in North America was much different than Latin America because the slaves were forced to work harder in North America.

But in the Caribbean the slaves kept some of their identity like the music. The music is very heavy on percussion and Caribbean music also has a lot of drums in their music. Latin slave owners were not as hard on their slaves as North America slave owner. I don’t want to write this paper. Dsajchdasjlg dsaa sfsa fsafsdafa fsfgfg ds fd s sg fdg f hdf hg hg h hg gf h gf gf t gs fgxf gf sg fg g f dsg fds dfg fs gf g gf gf gf gf hg fj hg h fy hg ytrjklg jshfjhs hlk gs hlk h kl kjlhj hjgkd gf gf d g fd gfdjyter jeht ij ioj j ijgrgtjtoglfg j gfds hggf gh h h dghhj jyh g hjj hjghfh kjlh uyh uigt rer 5 432 gf goi fgu fiodguiser iou suf ioui[ajg joyih guhgid griothrehg gfh g hg njgf njytn u6y n njgfn yjtrjl y7n jg jnh njhy jntrbtyn bf nxdggn dh ;hj j;hndgn sbh gtr ghsgtrhgtrwg t gt gfs gtsehg hghg h gg ghg hg hhg h h hh h hh h h hh h h h hhh h h h hh hh gfs g fsg fsg sg s gsj g gs g sg fd
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