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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Name: Megan Loy
Class: 10CT
IGCSE Coursework Assignment
English Literature 5: Poetic Analysis
Assignment: Explore the ways in which two poets show their attitude towards the animal world and nature in two poems of your choice. Refer to examples from the texts for your evidence using PQC. Plan

Introduction: Introduce two poems (“Horses” and “The Planners”), and answer assignment question-Start with “In” Paragraph 1 (Horses): State a point-how the poet expresses the power and majesty of nature. Use PQC. Paragraph 2 (Horses): State second point-the darker side of nature, how it is fading with industrialization, like the poet’s childhood. Use PQC. Paragraph 3 (The Planners): State point-the mathematical and logical way nature is portrayed in the “perfect” city. Use PQC. Paragraph 4 (The Planners): State second point-the manipulation and the little power nature has in this city, due to the work of the Planners Conclusion: Summarize previous points, and compare the poems, as well as talk about their similarities, and how the poets make the poems effective.

In the poems “Horses” by Edwin Muir and “The Planners” by Boey Kim Cheng, the poets show their attitude towards the animal world and nature through the depiction of nostalgic experiences as well as the loss of nature, both which help effectively convey the poets’ ideas.

In the poem “Horses”, the poet expresses the power and majesty of nature through the description of a childhood memory. This is shown through quotations of the poet’s nostalgic thoughts; the horses seen through the eyes of a young boy; their “hooves like pistons”, “conquering”, and “great hulks”. Here, the poet uses a mechanical metaphor, comparing the horses’ power to that of a car engine. This is effective, as then the reader is able to visualize and sense the physical power of the animal. Moreover, the dictation of the words “seraphim” and “gold” enables the reader to discern the strong presence and value in nature. However, the horses...
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