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Student Visa Program Assessment Levels

This information sheet contains a list of the current Assessment Levels for all passports and education sectors in Australia’s Student Visa Program (SVP). These Assessment Levels came
into effect on 24 March 2012 and apply to student visa
applications made on or after this date.

Visa subclass/education sector
There are a number of different types of student visas. The
following subclasses are based on the education sector of your main course of study:

Applying for a Student visa
Use the Student (Temporary) (Class TU) visa form if you intend to apply for a Student visa in Australia. You must identify your highest Assessment Level before you can proceed with your
student visa application.

 571 – Schools

 570 – Independent ELICOS
 572 – Vocational Education and Training
 573 – Higher Education
 574 – Postgraduate Research
 575 – Non-Award
Refer to information sheet Applying for a student visa, or the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website for more information about applying for a student visa.
Course packaging
If you intend on packaging courses, you will be assessed under the visa subclass applicable to your main course of study (the principal course) indicated on the application, and at the highest Assessment Level of the courses in your nominated package

(with the exception of any ELICOS course within the package). You may also be eligible for streamlined visa processing.
For more information on course packaging, refer to information sheet Applying for a student visa.
Using this information sheet
Your Student visa application will be assessed against one of the following:

your highest Assessment Level. The lowest Assessment
Level being Assessment Level 1 and the highest Assessment
Level 5

The streamlined visa processing requirements if you are an
eligible student.
The passport you hold and the education sector of your course will determine the appropriate Assessment Level for your visa application.
To identify the Assessment Level for your visa application, match the nationality of the passport you hold with the visa subclass for the education sector/s of your course/s. The table on the next page lists passport countries in alphabetical order, and the visa subclasses/education sectors.

To be eligible for streamlined visa processing, you must provide evidence of your confirmation of enrolment for an eligible course from a participating university at the time that you lodge your application. Eligible courses include Bachelor, Masters and

Doctoral degrees. These applicants are assessed as though they are lower migration risk (similar to the current Assessment Level 1).

May 2012

 576 – AusAID or Defence
Passports NOT listed in the table
Default Assessment Level 2:
All students sponsored by AusAID or Defence seeking
Subclass 576 (AusAID or Defence Sector) visas are
Assessment Level 2.
Students holding a passport which is not listed in the table, with a main course of study in the subclass 574 (Postgraduate Research) sector are Assessment Level 2.
Default Assessment Level 3:
Students holding a passport which is not listed in the table, with a main course of study in the following education sectors are
Assessment Level 3:
 570 – Independent ELICOS
 571 – Schools
 572 – Vocational Education and Training
 573 – Higher Education
 575 – Non-Award.

Home page 
General Telephone 131 881 during business hours in
enquiry line Australia to speak to an operator (recorded
information available outside these hours).
If you are outside Australia, please contact
your nearest Australian mission.

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Student Visa Processing Assessment Levels
Visa Subclass/Education Sector
Passport held






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