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By | November 2012
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Film Review
Nightmare on Elm Street was a top hit during the 1980's. This film was a phenomenal horror film which was directed and written by Wes Craven. A Nightmare on Elm Street was ranked number 17 on Bravo's 100 scariest movie moments, which was a vast hit. This film was based on a fictional storyboard, the plot consisted of several teenage boys who live in Ohio, that if they fall asleep that they would be gruesomely killed by Freddy Krueger in his/her dreams. A Nightmare on Elm Street became a significant impact upon the horror genre and consisted of sequels, T.V. series, and a calibration with Friday the 13th. This 1984 film was remade into a newer version in 2010. The deaths that consists in reality leave the teenagers scared; this also has to do with the secret that the parents kept from them a long time ago. Although the film was fiction based the director/ writer was inspired by his childhood to come up with the film. It was basically how in the 1970's how Khmer refugees that fled from the genocide and came to the United States had horrid nightmares and basically died in their sleep. This was all over the newspaper at the time, which inspired Craven to come up with the horror film. Although this film focused more on horror there was a significant theme that partook in the film, which was the loss innocence. During the scenes of the teenagers getting chased by Freddy Krueger, the music gets softer and softer until at one split second you here someone scream out of nowhere or even a loud boom to scare the viewer. The cut rate would increase when something suspicious would happen. Since the film is gruesome and horrid, it would make sense that everything is dark and blacken. During scary scenes there's a lot of blackness and you have to pin point everything. The acting skills were very difficult because you had to be unaware of what was going on at some points in the film, especially the teens that were running away from Freddy Krueger had to be very...

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