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By | November 2012
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I, like Maya Angelou have been a victim of name-calling. I can recall numerous times in elementary school and High School where someone has called me a racist name. I have to say that it is worse in elementary school. Kids can be cruel, and unfortunately they do not think before they speak and fail to understand that words can hurt and what they may be saying hits below the belt. Although, I have never had someone call me a whole other name for their own convenience. I have always been called by my first name. The name I was given when I was born. I’ve had people shorten my name as a nickname but as far as what Maya Angelou went through when she was younger I can say that I haven’t experienced that and I am grateful. I wouldn’t say that I am not only a victim of name-calling from the time I was in elementary school to High School but I have also participated in name-calling. It was the ignorant words I would say such as stupid, dumb, ugly, retarded and so on. I have even gone as far as calling someone a racist name out of anger. When I called someone a name I was anger or hurt. Unlike some people I can’t just call someone a name to be funny or just for no reason at all; I have had some emotional attachment to it.

To this day, I can say that being African American I feel like I am an easy target for name-calling or racist jokes when I’m in a room full of people that is not the same ethnicity as me. I feel like there are over a dozen names and jokes out there that can just be thrown my way at anytime or at anyplace. In High School I used to hang out with a group of guys and this girl that used to be my best friend. She is Hispanic and all of the guys are Caucasian. I was always the target for their jokes and there was not a day that went by that they were not throwing out names that are racist that “referred to” or “identified” someone that is African American. It was High School all over again. At first, they had me convinced that it was...

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