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Betty White in Late Adulthood
A Psychological Review of Her Life and Career

Elaine Garcia, Nhu Tran, Brent Salaria
Psychology 92, MW 12:15
Professor Kazmi
May 12, 2012

Late adulthood begins after a person breaks the age of 65 and lives onward past the stressful working times of middle adulthood. The pre-judgments we have for the elderly include how dependent, fragile, lonely, and isolated they are when in fact some elderly are far from the stereotypical elderly in their late adulthood. Some are capable of surpassing their patterns from middle adulthood and thrive in the late adulthood. This review examines Betty White, her career, and the evidence we have of biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial development over the years. We will also examine how her life choices affected the longevity of her life. Although Betty White is the subject and example, we shall also review the general research of people over 65 and how aging has played a role on the general consensus of human beings. Betty White in Late Adulthood

A Psychological Review of Her Life and Career
Betty Marion White Ludden is a famous Hollywood actress, singer, comedienne, and television personality. She was born on January 17th, 1922 and is famous for her roles in classic television shows such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Golden Girls. She is an Emmy award winner with no close family members except for her four step children from her late husband, Allen Ludden. She has been in Hollywood almost all her life leading up to the present and has made guest appearances on several Hollywood interviews, box office movies, and television shows. On May 8th, Betty White hosted an episode of the sketch comedy live television show Saturday Night Live and became the older person to ever host the show. The show gained its highest ratings in the past 2 years and earned a Primetime Emmy Award performance even though she was at age 88 when she hosted (Silverman, 2010). She has...

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