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Topics: AIDS, Women's suffrage, Human rights Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Traits of a Hero

What constitutes a Hero? Is it a person that is able fly across tall buildings and is invulnerable to most attacks, like a Superhero? Or is it a teacher, a preacher, or the next door neighbor? In childhood it can be someone fictional like Superman or Batman. Those Superheroes encourage children to do the right thing through imagination and creativity. Then there are those in real life, like Helen Keller or Rosa Parks, nonfictional characters that children grow up reading in school books. If this question was proposed in focus group, it surely would have adults sharing a list of traits amongst them discussing what makes a hero. But for some it only takes just two traits at the most. A hero is a compassionate and inspirational person because they put others before themselves. A person that is inspirational puts forth an idea, a goal and then takes action that affects their lives as well as others. Sometimes those actions affect society in general and leave a mark in history. Compassion is showing concern for others putting the needs of others before their own. It is a humbling experience and many heroes are humble people. They usually don’t know they are heroes. They do things for others without thinking how that will benefit them. Their main focus is to help that person in front of them. A great example of a compassionate person is a counselor. They take their time to listen to people and help individuals recognize their strengths so they can navigate through their lives the best and the most rewarding way. Counselors show compassion in many ways, by listening, being understanding, caring, finding solutions, resolving issues, reducing stress, teaching others how to better communicate, and by providing help and support to those individuals who need it.

Some counselors work with mental health patients or with someone who is temporary under stress and have suicidal tendencies. A counselor offers hope and reassures the person that help...
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