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  • Published: December 11, 2012
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Grocery shopping
Grocery shopping can be quite tedious, heading out to your local Bazaar on a lazy Sunday morning and waiting in long queues with heavy bags and all the travelling can squeeze out the fun of the monthly shopping ritual. The online buying spree is at its peak with consumers ordering their entire needs online. Buying grocery online is fast catching up and to cater to this growing need, entrepreneur Sushant Junnarkar setup ‘’, an online grocery store that offers a wide variety of grocery and consumer products. You can find everything from groceries, household cleaning products, health and beauty supplies, baby products, pet food and much more at discounted prices and delivered right at your doorstep.

Talking about how he got started with the venture, Sushant says “It was our monthly ritual of shopping for the household requirements at supermarkets and hypermarkets that got me thinking about this. Though initially it was a family affair, very soon the initial novelty of shopping experience gave way to an experience which seemed like a hassle. The thought always went to why not grocery shopping on the internet. The element of “touch and feel” can be taken care of by having pre-packed branded products. A branded pack of toothpaste or cornflakes is precisely that, who ever touches it or feels it,”

He adds, “Also empirical data shows that most of the customers buy almost 70-90% same items month on month and majority of these items are branded. The above pointers and the idea of providing a convenient service to the consumer prompted this venture. This combined with the changing lifestyle of people (working couples and less time on hand), increased comfort of customers to transact on the net, increased broadband penetration etc. makes one bullish about the idea,”

As of now operates only in South Bangalore and plans to expand in the next quarter. There are over 1,200 products listed on the website and it is...
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