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Survive Under the Water Crisis

As we know, when people play the dominoes, in order to push all dominoes down, they do not need to push every one, due to one part down, all of others will be pushed down because they are connected with each other. This phenomenon called the domino effect. This effect is very common in things that are tied tightly together in daily life. With the development of technology and the range of human activities become enlarge, there is a link like the domino forms between climate change, energy problem, food security and water. In this system, if any one fail, it will have the potential that cause a unrest in a state even many states. Be different from climate change or energy problem that have attracted much attention, water crisis is a new problem that plays a more and more important role in this relationship. As said by Ismail Serageldin, the former VP of the World Bank,“If the wars of the twentieth century were fought over oil, the wars of the next century will be fought over water”. Why and how water becomes such noticeable now? To answer this question, analysing the whole situation firstly is necessary. According to the global status of water resources, there is a report released by the National Intelligence Council said that "North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia 'will face major challenges coping with water problems', particularly as a result of population growth and increased economic demand"(Clinton warns of instability over water). Be different from energy and other resources, water and food the top two important and necessary goods because they are related to humans' survival directly. In a sense, water plays a more significant role than food because water has more closely connection with other things, and, if there is no water, food also cannot be produced. But water resource is not unlimited. Even though 70% of the surface of the earth is covered by water, however, the fresh water resource which people are able to use directly is very limited. So, "as the world's population continues to grow, demand for water will go up but our fresh water supplies will not keep pace"(Clinton warns of instability over water). What's worse, under the not much amount, the quality of water is also a serious problem that governments worried about. For one hand, "Preserving freshwater quality is important for drinking water supply, food production and recreational water"(Water Sanitation Health, WHO), for another hand, it also has projected influences on energy, climate and even social stability. Sanitation is important measure of water quality. As one of the necessaries of life, sanitation of water will impact people's health everyday. The status is very serious, now. As the data shows "Polluted water affects the health of 1.2 billion people every year, and contributes to the death of 15 million children less than 5 years of age every year"(Water Resources: Quantity and Quality), if people do not do something to stop the trend, "by 2015 there will be 2.7 billion people without access to basic sanitation"(10 facts on sanitation,WHO). Everyone has basic right to ensure better sanitation. Now, the facts that impact sanitation are lack of adequate accessible sanitations, Lack of sanitation facilities to defecate areas where people play or food is prepared, diseases transmitted through contaminate water, droughts, floods and so on. Today, under the leadship of WHO, "Organization continues to help Member States improve sanitation status, respond to sanitation needs during emergencies and increase policies and actions that expand access to this basic service"(10 facts on sanitation,WHO). These positive movements show a good trend that more and more people pay attention on improving sanitation status. Water is not only related to human health, but also ties tightly with food, energy and climate change. For example, China is a large country of grain productoin, it "depends on...
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