Topics: Cost-benefit analysis, Proposals, Proposal Pages: 3 (596 words) Published: March 16, 2012
Proposal is written to sell an item or idea to a company. It is usually used for research and project request.  It used to attempt to propose new idea, products or services.  1) It is essential to educate potential customer or client about your product or service to offer.  2) You have to provide convincing statement why the customer needs the product or service. 3) At last, illustrate the return of investment (ROI). A product or service demonstration should also be included in order to know the benefits and advantages. An effective proposal has an increase the chances of attaining positive results. It has included 4 main points:-

1) Introduction;
2) Background of the Study;
3) General Objectives;
4) Specific Objectives

-    To discuss the process in terms of operation
-     To describe the beginning of your proposal, state your purpose clearly. Also, mention your background information so that your audience or reader will understand your proposal. In addition, avoid technical terms and use language that everyone can understand. In order to have an effective proposal, you should define the problem clearly and then specify your solution to solve the problem. Remember that the purpose of your proposal is to convince your reader or audience that your solution is the best.  As much as possible provide samples and information based on facts to be more convincing and meaningful.  Your opinion will not support by your audience.  Research more about your topic to have more concrete evidence that will support your proposal. The most concern of your audience if your proposal is financially feasible, that’s why it is important that your proposal is attainable and affordable by the company.  Think of company’s finances.  Explain to them that your proposal would be worth their money and time. You can provide cost benefit analysis. Finally, overall appearance of your proposal should be perfect such as proper margin, grammar and spelling.

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