Espoir Case Study

Topics: Advertising, Eastern Europe, Culture Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: November 19, 2011
1. Natasha Singh, the global marketing officer of Espoir cosmetics, would like to introduce a global brand-building strategy by starting to advertise in movies. Jacques Dubious, the European marketing head, agrees with Natasha that product placement in movies will help rising brand awareness. However, he does not believe that a standardized website for ordering customized products would work for the European market as, in his opinion, the European website needs to have “a different look and feel from the American site”. Vasylko Mazur, the Eastern European marketing head, is not happy with Natasha’s proposition. He does not think that advertising in movies would raise sales in the Eastern European market. Eastern European customers are best reached with, for example, beauty queen as the face for Espoir. He wants a “quick, tactical and responsive” campaign that meets local needs. Furthermore, the kind of promotion Natasha is suggesting is cutting his budget significantly. Ravi Narayan, the Southern Asia marketing head, does not agree with Natasha in all points. He points out that the market is changing rapidly and faster than expected by Espoir. The Indian market, for example, is not as it used to be. Being able to offer certain prices that are affordable for everyone is not the main concern anymore. Therefore he believes that a global strategy will work in India, if it is combined with local campaigns.

2. Natasha Singh should not enforce her current plan. If her goal is a global brand she needs to see it as a long-term objective that needs an implementation that is thought-out well and communicated clearly throughout the organization. Pushing the regional marketing heads towards campaigns and cost they do not approve, will only lead to a harder relationship with them. Right now she seems too confident because of her previous success in India. She needs to clarify her role and role of the regional marketing divisions. To implement a global brand strategy an...
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