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1. In a succinct manner, describe what the ESPN brand means to consumers.

ESPN stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. To consumers the ESPN brand means quality sports entertainment. It is a way to provide to the sports need of consumers. It is easily accessible to extend its brand by reaching consumers through various methods such as television, radio, internet, and mobile. Through televison, ESPN was one of the first networks to break new in HDTV with simulcast service for ESPN and ESPN2 and it still maintains the most HD programming content and highest level of HD viewership in sports. SportsCenter was ESPN’s first program. SportsCenter is the only nightly, full-hour sports new program. In the past ESPN has rebroadcast taped episodes of SportsCenter during the day. Through radio, ESPN is the nation’s largest sports radio network. ESPN broadcasts syndicated sports talk shows, providing more than 9,000 hours of content annually to college and major league sports events. Through internet, is the leading sports Web site, boasting live streaming and 32 original podcasts each week. The rising star in ESPN’s online portfolio is Fans can also get exclusive content and sports video games. Through mobile, Mobile ESPN was designed as ESPN’s own cell phone network, putting content into sports fans’ pockets 24/7. ESPN provides real-time scores, stats, news, highlights. ESPN content is now reaching viewers through agencies that place it in airports and on planes, in health clubs, and even in gas stations.

2. What is ESPN selling? Discuss this in terms of the core benefit, actual product, and augmented product levels of ESPN.

In the area of core benefits, ESPN is selling sports entertainment.
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