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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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The ESPN 30 for 30 film called “The Band That Wouldn’t Die” is about the NFL Colts moving from Baltimore to Indianapolis. The move was done in the middle of the night and the organization took everything to Indianapolis except the marching band uniforms, which were at the cleaners. To prevent the organization from taking the uniforms, the band hid them in one of the band member’s family’s mausoleum. The people of Baltimore were devastated when the Colts left their town and tried to convince the NFL to bring another team to Baltimore. The Colts Marching Band continued to play at half time shows and parades. Finally the NFL moved the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore. The Browns changed their name to the Ravens and the band finally had a team again.

This film was very interesting to me personally because my entire life is sports. Every since I was three-years old I have been participating in sports, sometimes multiple sports at a time. When I am apart of a team, I am fully committed to it. My commitment can be compared to the commitment of the Colts Marching Band to the team as well as the fans to the football team. Coming from a small high school, we were not always the best at each sport. My junior year during volleyball we did not win a lot of games and the fans did not support us at all. The Baltimore Colts fans completely supported the football team no matter what the outcome of the game was. To them, the Colts team was such a huge part of their life that it did not matter if they won or not. As an athlete, having the support for so many people makes every game that much more important. The players were not just playing for themselves anymore, but rather for everyone who considered the Colts apart of their lives. I believe the support that the fans showed the team and the band is incredible. There was one fan that played the Colts Fight Song every time the team got off the plane from an away game, was buried in a full Colts uniform, and some of...
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