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Yr 11 One World Essay: Electric Precipitator

In recent lessons you have been studying electrostatics. Electrostatic phenomena are used in a wide variety of applications from photocopying/printing, spray painting and coating, waste recycling and air purification. In this essay you are going to be looking at one particular application used in the purification of industrial emissions: the electric or electrostatic precipitator.

Your task is to write an essay of 1,000-1,200 words discussion the problems associated waste particles from industry and the use, or otherwise, of the electrostatic precipitator in these industries. This essay will be used to assess your ability to think about the science you have learned in a wider context and to communicate your ideas clearly.

The following questions will help you structure your essay, which will be marked according to the assessment rubric on the back of this sheet.

• What are the problems associated with waste particles from industry? • Why should an electrostatic precipitator be used?
• What is the physics behind how the electric precipitator operates? • How has this technology improved the quality of life? • (A diagram will be essential as part of the explanation of your application.)

In order to reach the very highest grades, you will need to discuss the positive and negative impact of science upon society, as well as discussing moral and ethical issues. Throughout, you should communicate your ideas using an appropriate range of scientific vocabulary.

In your essay, you should show how the question is related to at least two areas of interaction (other than Approaches to Learning).

In this assignment, you will need to use many AtL skills, such as: • Locating and presenting information gained from a variety of sources • Acknowledging sources in a bibliography
• Identifying opposing points of view and adopting a personal position • Organising your time...

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