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Topics: Sense, Magic, Science Pages: 2 (827 words) Published: April 8, 2011
Many teenage students believe that ESP exists. ESP stands for extrasensory perception in which people receive information through their other senses. However, ESP does not exist. A person’s perception is just being tricked. Studies have been made that show no proof that an individual has ESP. Scientists find how people’s perception is being tricked scientifically without getting the conclusion that ESP actually exists. ESP has failed to be recognized when testing for it therefore it doesn’t exist. Other factors can explain the causes of ESP including the use of technology usually find that something scientifically is wrong or abnormal causing things to happen like this. Programs such as David Blaine’s Street Magic and a Haunting in Georgia are intentionally deceitful. Technology can trick viewers and persuade them that certain individuals have ESP. Through scientific research and the knowledge of technology, it is impossible for ESP to exist. One reason that ESP is impossible because no one really knows what happens before or during the camera. In the show called David Blaine “Street Magic”, David Blaine travels the country showing magic tricks on the street. The statement that David Blaine is an individual with ESP is false. Many people are tricked by his “magic” and have no way of explaining it and claim that he has ESP what they don’t know is that he is a master of tricking our perception. ESP doesn’t exist because when our perception is being tricked, some there is a reasonable explanation. In David Blaine’s case, for all a viewer knows is what he or she sees on the television, the people want only bits and piece that they show to the audience. Blaine could have done the trick off camera and used computer technology and hire actors to act surprised and full of laughter. Considering that technology is so advanced, there is no way of proving that what is seen on television is real. Even through science, ESP cannot be proven. Many experiments have been tested...
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