Esla 1901 - Written Assignment 1

Topics: Human Development Index, United Nations Development Programme, Developed country Pages: 4 (1143 words) Published: May 12, 2013
ESLA 1901 - WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT 1 Data Gathering Assignment
Part A 1. (1 mark) The Keyword function allows you search for books using words you think might be in the title or contents. Locate the full reference (i.e. author, year, title and publishers) and call number for any one book with all three key words in it: Poverty, inequality, development Poverty, inequality, and development by Gary S. Fields Published by Cambridge University Press, 1980,New York 1980, CALL NO.330.9/244 NO.330.9/244

2. (1 mark) Use the Title search to locate the call number for: Cox, K (2002) Political Geography: Territory, State and Society, Malden, Mass: Blackwell. CALL NO.320.12 COX O.320.12

3. (1 mark) Using the Author search function, locate a book written solely by Walden Bello and published in 2002.
Deglobalization : ideas for a new world economy by Walden Bello Published by Zed Books, 2002,New York 2002, CALL NO.337 BELL-1 NO.337

4. (1 mark) Now see if you can find a book and its call number written about sustainable development in India that was published in 2004. Social capital in Asian sustainable developmentmanagement : examples and lessons by Samiul Hasan and Mark Lyons, editors Published by Nova Science, c2004,New York c2004, CALL NO.338.9507 HASA NO.338.9507

Part B Exercises 1. (1 mark) Use the Journal title function to find the call number of the Asia Pacific Viewpoint. The library receives this journal electronically and in a hard copy. Choose the non-electronic entry to get the call number. CALL NO.S919.05/1 NO.S919.05/1

2. Look up the article “A rainbow of revolutions” from The Economist 1/21/2006, Vol. 378 Issue 8461. What issue is this article discussing? (one paragraph) The issue this article discussing that the important and success of people power. People

power has actually been around for a while. But all the evidence is that people power, if it is to bring about a lasting change that increases freedom, must bubble up from below. It must be...
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