Topics: Medicine, Health, X-ray Pages: 3 (928 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Missy Nguyen
March 15, 2013
Beneficial of medical technology
In the modern world that we live in, technology and humans are now inseparable. Technology is changing and improving all around us. This is one of the most the reasons why technology has become the essentials tool to the healthcare field. Medical technology benefits our lives in many ways. Through the use of such medical technology, people can live healthier, more productive and more independent lives. As many individuals who previously were ill or suffering of any disease or injury, medical technology helps them to look forward to having a healthy life again. Medical technology has improved over a period of time, and provided health care treatments as X-rays, curative medicine, and medical equipment. X-rays are ionized forms of radiation that penetrate living tissue. It is very useful for doctors to use X-rays to see inside the body’s part and image technology to give a detailed view of a patient's injury, to determine diagnosis. For example, when the patient twists his or her ankle, doctors can use X-rays accurately to identify where the injury is. The cost of an X-rays procedure is cheaper than similar medical procedure such as the MRI or a CT scan. It is also less expensive for the hospital or doctor’s office to maintain an X-ray machine than the MRI or a CT scan. Moreover, X-rays is easier to use than MRI or CT scan. People can see X-ray machine in many emergency rooms, hospitals, doctor’s office or nursing homes, etc. Also, with an MRI or CT scan, patients need to make an appointment and it may take longer to get it done. X rays are very important in medical field. It can provide important information about human anatomy very quickly. It also helps doctors with specific information about anything wrong with the part of the body early enough so it can be treated and bring the patients back to a healthy life. Curative medicine or curative care is medical...
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