Esl Year 11 for Kick It Like Beckham

Topics: American football, Football, Play Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: June 21, 2011
Mr and Mrs. Bhamras, I have just learned that Jess has not told you about her training in my team for the match in Hamburg. I am very sorry about the inconvenience we have caused you. Even so I really wish you would let her continue playing with the team. Jess has told me the situation between you not letting her continue playing. That is also the reason for my visit; I want to try to convince you to let her continue playing football. From what I see, I know you are a very protective of Jess, but I think that you might be protecting her the wrong way. I know Mr Bhamra that you have been discriminated by some English man in the past but I assure you that this has not happened to Jess with her team mates. They treat Jess as the same to themselves, and they support her, and I treat all my players the same to each and everyone one of them. I know you are very concern of her, but instead of protecting her without realising you are controlling her life. I see that Jess is not even excited about her sister’s wedding; well she is being force to abandon football and the chance of playing professionals. If this continues the outcome would not be pleasant. She would never be happy at whatever she does. Playing football is not just about kicking and scoring, it’s bigger than that. From what I’ve learn Sikh culture emphasizes equality among man and woman, but sexist still occur all over the world. Well Jess can prove that woman is capable of what man can do. Your family thinks that English man always complaint about your culture and dislikes your culture well this is the chance to shut them up. Mr Bhamra, you are angry of those English men that make fun of you and your culture, Jess can show to them and the world how good Sikh is. I say that seeing Sikh playing professionals it is a pride to your culture. You always say that Jess must behave like a proper woman the way Sikh woman do, but I think culture is not always right. Sikh may be a great culture but does it know...
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