Esl Writing Workshop Analysis

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ESL students have a wide range of language abilities that complement their learning. For many, English is one of several languages in which they communicate. Their multilingual background provides a rich landscape of cultural experiences as well as an “ear” for grammar and syntax, though never automatic “correctness.” Because ESL students have had extensive English grammar study (often with much more intensity than native English speakers), additional workbook drills won’t be effective. Thus, the purpose of this workshop is to provide the opportunity for students to write and understands the selected topics and for them to work independently. The ESL Writing Workshop was implemented to primary students of Year Two. The class consists of 30 students which were divided into 5 groups. The workshop theme was alphabet F and Fish. Three lesson plan based on fish was prepared and implemented in the workshop. 2. LESSONS PLAN

1. Alphabet F

2. The Magic Fish

Subject: English (Year 2)
Time: 10.45a.m-11.45a.m
Class: 2 Bistari
Theme : The Magic Fish

A creative writing exercise on the story The Magic Fish. An activity to deal with feelings. Students will pantomime a story; identify the themes of greediness; describe the disdvantage of being greedy for the common good; and describe how the characters’ experiences are alike and different from their own experiences. Objective:

1. Students will listen to the story The Magic Fish . 2. Demonstrate pantomime skills and the ability to dramatize a character in a story. 3. Explain the bad of being greedy.

4. Students will be able to match the answers with the questions. Activities:
1. Anticipatory Set: Ask if anyone knows what a “community” of fish is called (school).  Review philanthropy and its...
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