Esl. Lesson Plan

Topics: Education, Orthography, Dyslexia Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Grade Level: 1
Subject: English
Topic: Reading and Vocabulary(word building)
Time: 45 minutes
Date:18th feb 2013

Aim: The goal of this class is to develop reading habits in students and a culture of reading in schools and to enhance vocabulary to avoid possibilities of errors in reading. Objectives:
The student will read poems individually and in groups as well. The student will construct at least ten words with little variation in spells with the Teacher’s help. The student will learn about pattern of spellings.

The students will name maximum things around them.

Stage/ Time| Activity| Interaction| Rationale|
0-4warmer| Teacher will ask the students about their favourite poem.| t-students| It will provide lead to the theme of the lesson| 5-15Building context| Student will read the poem individually and in group as well.| Student-textStudent-studentStudent-teacher| will build confidence| 15-20Vocabularyfocus| Teacher show pictures to students and asks them to name the pictures.| Student-teacher| To prepare students for reading task| 20-25writing| Teacher will provide students with worksheet, where students ‘ll be asked to fill in missing letters so as to construct words| Student-teacher| To provide support and avoid students making too much mistakes.| 30-45Feedback| Teacher collects the worksheets ,checks and returns to the students along with remarks | Teacher-student| To help students improve and learn from their mistakes|

There will be a vocabulary competition in first fifteen minutes in the next class. The one who wins will be awarded by Teacher. Extensions:
Students will come up with two poems which they like to read. Resources:
White board, marker, worksheets and reading material.
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