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Topics: Automobile, Internal combustion engine, Transport Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Name: Renny Jaquez

Teacher: Ms. Stemas

Inventions and Advances in Transportation

The Transportation has been a useful Invention and it had advances lot of the past 200 years. The Transportation was created around the 1800. The first invention was the train Locomotive in the 1804. It was the best invention that it was made in the 1800’s. After years past by they made the Bicycle it was one of the more used. The motorcycle was made in the 1885, it was powered by Gas and they made the motorcycle because it is the new advance of the Bicycle.

The train locomotive Invention was the first step for the transportation of the future. That man that made the first train locomotive was Benjamin French had been involved in the laying of line on this branch and a few years after its Opening realized the Potential of starting Swansea and Mumbles. The company agreed for him to do this and he paid them $0.20 a year to carry out these services, on 25th March, 1807. The people of towns start to the train to go to different town in a short of time and safer for them. Benjamin after the first road was made for the train he started to make more all around the country.

The Bicycle was the most popular thing to sue in the 1840. Because mailman they would use it to transport the mail to house and towns. The people that didn’t have that much money to buy a tick for the train or a car of horses they will buy a Bicycle because it was more chipper. The first vehicle that resembles the bicycle was put together in the 1645, in Frances by Jean Theson. It was, however a four wheeled machine. A two wheeled contraption was invented in Germany in about 1816. To ride it you would have to practice and control your valance.

The motorcycle was invented because it was going to change everything about the Bicycle. The motorcycle it was power by Gas, it was made so you can go faster in two wheeled. They use it for military to transport code to each...
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