Eschools as Organisations Post 16 Options for Young People and Adults:

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1.2 Explain the post 16 options for young people and adults: - Once a young person has reached year 11 there are a number of choices to make about their future, this could be choosing a new course at school or college or entering employment and training. These options will give them a good base on building a future career.

Post 16:- Continue in full time education either sixth form or at a local college. Depending on their results they can choose from the list below:-

Post 17:- If they have just completed a one-year course, following Year 12, they may decide to continue their studies full time or look for jobs and training:-

Post 18:- Following Year 13, they will have a number of choices to make about their future. They may decide to continue their studies full time or look for jobs or training.

List of options for post 16, 17 and 18.

Course at entry level- Entry level courses do not require any exam passes and usually take one or two years to complete, a course at this level is an – Entry Level Certificate.

Course at Level 1(foundation Level) - Foundation level courses do not usually require any exam passes. Depending on which course they do it usually takes either one or two years to complete. Examples of courses at this level are: -Introductory Certificates/Diplomas

-National First Award (level 1)
-National certificate/Award (level 1)
-NVQ Level 1
Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification (foundation Level)

All foundation Level courses can lead to higher level courses or work and training.

Courses at level 2 (intermediate level) - Intermediate Level courses may require two or three passes at grades D–G and they usually take two years to complete.

Examples of courses at this level are:

- First Certificates/Diplomas
- National Certificates/Awards (Level 2)
- NVQ Level 2 – Foundation Apprenticeship
- Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification (Intermediate)

All Intermediate Level courses can lead to higher level course or jobs with training. (Providing they get the grades required).

Courses at level 3 (advanced level) Four or five GCSEs at grades A*- C or equivalents are usually required for entry. Depending on the type of course, they generally take either one or two years to complete.

Examples of courses at this level are:

- AS/A levels, including applied A levels
- National Diploma
- International Baccalaureate
- Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification (Advanced)
• NVQ Level 3 – Apprenticeship.
All Advanced Level courses can lead to higher education or jobs and training (providing they get the grades required in the appropriate subjects).

Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification:-

The Welsh Bac is now becoming available to more learners throughout Wales in schools, colleges and work-based settings. It allows for more flexibility in their studies. They will also develop skills and learning styles that prepare you for further and higher education, as well as the world of work.

The Welsh Bac consists of two parts:

Core – consisting of five components:

- An Individual Investigation (which is like a project) into a subject of their own choice. - Wales, Europe and the World
- Key Skills
- Work-related education
- Personal and social education.

Options – where they choose from course/programmes that are currently offered, for example:

- AS/A levels
- VCE (Vocational A levels)
- New Principal Learning and Project Qualification will also be available as option within the Welsh Bac.


Apprenticeships bring them formal qualifications and highly specific work skills. They must be employed so they will be earning while they learn. They can also use Apprenticeship as a stepping stone to higher qualifications. As an Apprentice, their skills and role are respected, many top managers started out by learning a trade and understanding how the organisation works from the ground up. To gain access...
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