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The Life and Work of EscherBy: Mirando FellowsPublished By: Parragon Book Service Limited Eschers full name was Maurits Cornelis Escher, Escher died at the age of seventy-four(1898-1972). “Escher was an unusual artists” because he wanted to solve problems that would seem more known to a mathematician than a printmaker. He wanted to go into more depth on a flat surface. “Escher strove to achieve the impression of limitless space” to explore how a world changes, from one to another. Escher never left the transformations from one world to another in his work. He wanted to create more of an illusion in a two-dimensional that had been previously shown. Escher loved trickery and is shown in majority of his work. Belvedere 1958Media: Lithography

The Window I have done has no trickery in it but is a three-dimensional illusion with a lot of arches. I chose it because I like architecture and this piece has a lot of openings which I think represent portals to another world. I chose to leave the people out because I wanted to stick to more of the building itself The Stair WayInspired by Escher

This picture shows a lot of arches in it which represent portals. The stair way at the end of the hall draws your attention because it pulls you into the picture, you feel as if you’re walking into the picture wanting to go up the stair way. I didn’t put the stair way in the middle because I wanted to give it a more perspective look and to show a lot more shading from the different angles. I called it “The Stair Way” because that is the main focus point in the picture and it makes you wonder what is up the stairs. As soon as you look at the picture your eyes a drawn to the stairs.
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