Escape Zone for Planning Vacations

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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|Social Media Marketing Plan | Brooke Alverson |


| | | |Category |Strategy | |Target Market |Escape Zones target market will be newlyweds and families. | |Positioning Statement |Escape Zone will allow the stress of planning the perfect vacation ESCAPE you and we | | |will handle all your details as to ensure a vacation of a lifetime for you. | |Offering to customers |Escape Zone can offer customers vacations ranging from the cold Antarctic to the | | |sunny Bahamas and everything in between. | |Price Strategy |A price at Escape zone range in varies fields to meet everyone’s needs. | |Distribution |Escape zone will be distributing locally within the US and hopes to expand globally | | |in the years to come. | |Sales Strategy |Escape Zone will target those who vacation and offer them a 10% for trying out their | | |services and returning customers will receive one night free when booking their next | | |vacation with...
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