Topics: W. Somerset Maugham, Love, Of Human Bondage Pages: 6 (2402 words) Published: March 4, 2013
The text which I’m going to analyze is an extract from “The Escape” written by Somerset Maugham. W. Somerset Maugham, a famous English writer, was born in 1874 in Paris. He received his medical degree, but he never practised medicine; the ambition to write dominated his entire life. In 1897 "Liza of Lambeth", Maugham's first novel, appeared. It had no success. For the next ten years Maugham wrote and starved. He turned out a steady stream of plays and novels none of which excited much attention. His luck changed in 1907. In that year "Lady Frederic", a comedy of manners, was produced in London. It had a bright, fashionable success. By and by, Maugham became internationally celebrated; his plays were performed all over the world. His other famous works are "Of Human Bondage" "Ashenden", "Moon and Sixpence", "Cakes and Ale", etc. His short stories portray a real life, have interesting and captivating plot and show the author’s deep understanding of human nature. I’ve read his story “The Escape” and I liked it very much. “The Escape” is a witty story that depicts a situation which is very true to life. Maugham shows a relationship between a man and woman but unfortunately they both have different aims in their lives. Human relationships are very fragile especially if one of the partners is not sincere. People have always sought for love, we don’t want to be alone. For some love is a divine feeling which is not given to anybody and a person should cherish it as the apple of his eye , for some love is just a game, a sort of entertainment, for some love is just the way of getting profit. The same is with our characters, Roger Charling and Ruth Barlow who understood love in their own way. From the beginning they seemed to be an ordinal couple who loved each other. Roger wooed Ruth and their first step of the courting was very beautiful and romantic: flowers, presents, passion. Roger himself was a very handsome and physically strong fellow. Besides that he had a plenty of money. So we can guess that a lot of women wanted to be with him not to love him but just to be closer to his money. Ruth Barlow wasn’t exclusion. Besides she was twice a widow. But we can’t judge her, perhaps she just didn’t believe in love anymore, because of her previous experience. But she was a woman and she wanted the so-called “woman happiness”. And her happiness was Roger’s money. Sooner or later Roger understood that and he gave her a dose of her own medicine. Their relations could lead to a marriage but Roger didn’t what it, because it meant the end of his life as a bachelor which is so exciting and catching! Or perhaps he was a sort of men who are hunters in their mind. When he understood that he had already завоевал Ruth, he lost his interest to her. After that their relations turned into a contest where Roger wanted to win. At the end the both got what they were craving for. There is one more character in the story – the narrator. We understand that this personage is the author himself. He is the secondary character but he is very important for the whole understanding of the text. From him we get to know what Ruth Barlow was as a person. Maugham depicts a vivid story of love. His language is sarcastic and ironic. The form of speech is the narration with elements of description and dialogs which make the content rich and dynamic. The author gives us both indirect and direct way of characterisation. First of all we get to know about their character, temper from their dialogs, actions and represented speech. Maugham also gives us the description of their appearance which creates a bright and lively picture in our minds. The text begins with the author’s meditation about the relationship between a man and a woman: “I have always been convinced that if a woman Once made up her mind to marry a man nothing but instant flight could save him”. The epithet “instant flight” stresses that sometimes a man understands that he wants to break up with a...
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