Errotic Love

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Chapter 1
I tried to open my eyes but it was as if they were glued shut, After struggling for what seemed like hours i gave up and realised there were people talking around me.  
‘'Are you sure it’s her’'
‘'I’m positive'’
'’So how are we gonna tell her’'
‘'I don’t know, we'll figure it out’'
I didn’t recognise any of the voices, I finally opened my eyes but instantly closed them again when the light hit them, my head was throbbing. I felt like I had the worst headache in the world.  
‘'Quiet she's awake'’
Wait what? How did he know I was awake
‘'Are you ok?'’
I squeezed my eyes tight then opened them slowly blinking a few times to focus. There were 4 people hovering over my face, 3 guys and a girl, I winced slightly.  
'Back off, give her some space'
I took a deep breath as they all took a step back and i shuffled up in my...bed, why was i in a bed. I looked around and it looked like i was in some sort of medical centre.  
'Where....What the...' I scrunched my face up and shook my head in confusion 'Calm down your safe, Its Emma right?'
I looked at the girl speaking to me and nodded slowly
'Im Allie, Do you remember what happened before you woke up?' She asked I closed my eyes and tried to think back.
'I was walking down the alley behind my house...then i felt my chest tighten and i couldn’t breathe, then someone hit me...on my head' I said remembering 'Yeah sorry about that'
I snapped my eyes up to my left and faced one of the guys
'Im Leigh, sorry for bashing you' He shrugged
I opened my mouth to reply but nothing came out but a groan
'My head is killing' I moaned holding it in my hands
A lady in a white uniform shuffled over and shoved 2 of the guys out of the way and gave me a glass.  
'Here drink this it'll make you feel better'
I took the glass and eyed it wearily, I don’t even know these people they could have put anything in this drink. One of the guys burst out laughing.
'What?' The girl asked
'She thinks we're trying to poison her' He chuckled
I opened my eyes wide at him and my jaw dropped, how the HELL did he know what I was thinking. He instantly stopped laughing when he saw my face.  
'Way to go idiot' The girl spat throwing a screwed up piece of paper at his head.  
I rolled my eyes and winced at the pain in my head again, oh screw it I drank the drink down in one and handed the glass back to the woman.  
I sat silent for a few minutes until I realised the headache had gone.  
'Wow' I said touching my head
'Pretty amazing stuff huh'
I nodded at the lady and she scurried off with the glass
'Ok so now you’re feeling a bit better let me explain, I am as i said Allie, This is Jake, Leigh and Tom' She said pointing to each guy 'Ok sorry but where the hell am i' I asked sliding my legs out of the bed And why am i wearing pyjamas, I wasn't wearing pyjamas the last i remember. 'Oh we changed you into your pajamas'

I looked up at the guy and grit my teeth
'How the hell are you doing that' I spat
'Jake STOP IT' The girl scolded 'Sorry, ok so im going to ask, have you felt strange lately?' She asked What the fuck sort of question was that, Then again come to think of it, every time I walk down the alley by my house lately i have a panic attack, at least i think it’s a panic attack. 'No i've felt fine' I shrugged

I narrowed my eyes and growled at Jake
'DUDE What the hell is your problem' I shouted
'She has the breathless symptom everytime she walks down her alley'  
I stared dumbfounded at Jake who had just recited my thoughts to the girl.  
'Sorry but you can’t lie' He shrugged
'Jake...Out' The girl said
He gasped and raised a finger
'She would have lied and you would have never known if i wasnt here' He grunted 'OUT' She shouted pointing at the door
He grunted again but left through the door as instructed followed by Tom.  
'I know you’re freaked out but just try to be calm' Leigh said softly 'Ok I’m sorry if i sound rude but...
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