Errors and Compliance Coding

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The three most common causes of errors in coding and billing are typos ,incorrect dates,and double billing. How typos or typing mistakes happen when entering a patients information into the system. How incorrect dates happen for example if a patient was admitted to the hospital and was scheduled to stay for 3 days and was charged for 8 days this a perfect example of incorrect dates. Another example is when a patient is having a surgery that lasts two hours but is charged for 4 hours instead. How double billing happens for example is when a patient is charged for a physical and a Pap smear and only received the physical. Or a patient was given one pill of Vicoden and was charge for two.

How errors in billing and coding can be solved is by the medical biller reviewing everything that was input. Also if the patient reviews billing statements that they receive them in the mail. To make sure there are no typo errors ,incorrect dates or any double billing has occurred. If the patient does find an error then they can submit a letter telling the problem and letting them know the correct data.

The improper coding can lead to incorrect payments for medicare claims which is controlled by the medicare national correct coding initiative. There are coding policies of the CCI are derived from the coding guidelines of the national medical societies. Which is Medicares payment policy and coverage local and nation wide. Medicare analyzes of standard surgical and medical practices and also CPT coding conventions. There are thousands Of CPT code combinations that are used by Medicare 's computer system for checking all claims. The CCI is able to prevent patients being billed for two different procedures that would be impossible to have done at the same time. Which helps reduce errors and waste.
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