Error Avoidance in Postmodern/Cas

Topics: Management, Organization, Decision making Pages: 5 (1682 words) Published: July 8, 2012
Error Avoidance in Post Modern/Complex Adaptive System
Charles Holloway
MHA601 Healthcare Administration
Dr. Ona Johnson
July 2, 2012

In this new emerging world that we live in today managing healthcare organizations have been force to develop new ways to manage Healthcare organization From these changes of healthcare organizations the postmodern complex adaptive system has evolved. Before the development of this theory healthcare organizations have been unable to manage healthcare in an efficient and productive manner. From this inefficient management managers began to face new challenges which lead to poor choices, managers made for the companies they represented. In the following paragraphs I will show ten scenarios and the poor solutions made by management. I will identify the errors they made and show better solution by applying postmodern complex adaptive system theory.

First managerial error according to Johnson (2010a) “failing to account for employees’ ability to learn safe machine operation methods by experimenting on their own with ways to speed up production and thereby reduce the effect they are required to use. “(page 80). In this example management expects the employees’ to follow step by step procedures to perform his job. The problem with this view is that it puts limit on how the employee can to perform his job. It takes the view that management knows the most efficient way to perform the job. The solution this problem is allowing employees the freedom to develop new and more efficient ways to perform their jobs. The postmodern/CAS has the same mindset in that managers must develop strategies for taking advantage of this ongoing learning . Another example for employees to provide an efficient and ongoing learning process is by joining a communities of practices is as stated by Wenger(2006 ) “are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly”(p 1). The next error stated by Johnson(2010b) “putting all employees through the same orientation program regardless of differences in culture interpretation of organization hierarchies and thereby causing the potential for conflict among employees and between employees and management caused by different expectation of roles.(p. 80)” Problem with this type orientation is that various cultures organization hierarchies do different jobs, get paid different salaries, some more some less, some have more authority than others thus creating an environment for multiple relational conflicts between employees. Some conflicts might be money oriented some might deal with authority and power issues. The Solution to this scenarios’ is to have orientations developed for employees on the same cultural organizational hierarchies and eliminating these possible conflicts. CAS theory tells that success attained by managers have to study the company as a whole. Look at the people from different hierarchies, nonclinical, clinical, and managers and putting them in different orientations. The third error according to Johnson(2010c) is “Disciplining one employee, expecting a modest change in that employee’s behavior but getting a massive union response”( p 80). Management is facing a challenge with the behavior of one of their employees so they identify the problem and fix it. This is how managers traditionally have been taught to handle problems in the past, to gather relevant information and come up with the best solution. Postmodern/CAS shows us that this type of decision making is not clear cut and the result is not always known causing problematic outcomes such as the one above. Managers need to take a more postmodern/CAS approach by allowing different people with different perspectives into the decision process thus allowing managers to make better decisions and as a result causing better outcomes. The forth error management made...
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