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ERRORS: In this assignment errors are discussed not mistakes, mistake means there is nothing wrong with the knowledge but problem with the performance. Errors refer to faulty knowledge. This assignment presents a deep analysis of language errors, as every individual has his own inter-language that facilitates its speakers with its own grammar and its own phonology system that hinders a speaker of L1 to acquire full competence over L. For some speakers of L1 it is provocative to produce fluent sentences in L2 therefore speaker tend to produce another language that is called “inter-language” neither is it L1 nor is it L2 it is somewhere between L1 and L2 it is speaker’s own language for making communicating easy for him.

L1 inter-language L2

This assignment highlights both intera-lingual and inter-lingual errors It further illustrates reasons of found errors along with some fruitful solutions.

The sample text is of a student who wrote an application to “British High Commission” for visit visa to UK.

Errors are of two type’s error of competence and error of performance. Error of competence occurs when it becomes permanent features of the speech. One doesn’t aware of his own error it is quite frequent. Error of performance is accidently one realizes his mistake; there is nothing wrong with the knowledge. FOSSILIZATION

When progress stops it means some of the error will never disappear and these errors are some of the phonological errors.

Transitional error (can be removed, keep on changing) Errors
Fossilized error (can’t be removed, become permanent part of Speech)

Inter-lingual Errors
These errors transfer from L1 TO L2. When knowledge of L1 interferes in L2, the source of these errors is found in learners’ L1. There could be an structural error Eg: She orange an eat.
Intra-lingual Errors
These are developmental errors, the source of these errors is found in TL it means the rules of TL are inappropriately used; therefore these are called developmental errors. It keeps on improving day bay day these erros get removed gradually. Eg: I cutted my finger.


Ref:_______________ Chief Executive___________________ Date:______________ General Manager_________________

The Visa Officer,
British High Commission
Islamabad & Abu Dhabi.


Dear Sir/ Madam,
My name is Adnan Mahmood. I am student of MBA from agriculture University Faislabad. My engagement was already. I got marriage after one year. After marriage I may go to see UK because after marriage responsibilities increase. My and My family financially position is very well. I completed B.Com in first division. When I completed B.Com I have chance goes to the student visa, but I par time continuous our family business with my father. Therefore in par time I see business. Therefore I no have a time to go to the UK. I got admission in Agriculture University Faislabad. I attend classes in 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM. In these days a summer vocation vacations. Therefore I go to UK to his uncle for visit. I am interest to see Uk. I have a lot of money himself and my father bears my all expenses. I have an own house. This house gives my family as a gift on my birthday. This house I give for rent. Our business is very good strong and my study is level is very good. I summer vacation I may visit UK. I have no any purpose except visit to UK. After three weeks I come back and continue my business and study. I am very thankful to you if you give a visit visa to see UK.

Thanks and regards.
Yours sincerely
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