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Bii) Descibe the information which needs to be shown on your payslip. Looking at my most recent payslip i can see that it is required to display company name, my name, Tax code, national insurance number (NI), date of payment, and any deductions and/or adjustments in which have been made to the gross pay. On my pay slip it also displays how many hours i have done , what days and at what rate i.e. weekend at £7.65.

Bii) identify two changes to personal information which you must report to your employer. Two chanes you must inform your employer on reguarding your personal information are the following; new bank account and change in medical circumstance. It's important for your manager know whether there is a change in your bank account so that they have the accurate details as well as sending your payment to the right account on a monthly or weekly basis. It's your responsibility to inform your employer of any change in your medical circumstance i.e. pregnancy or chest infection due to the fact that it could affect your level of care towards the residients and/or it could be contagious.

Biv) describe the procedure to follow if you wanted to raise a greivance at work. Sorting out your problem informally

Sorting out your problem Formally

Write to your employer

Meet with your employer

Appeal to your employer
Sorting out the problem informally
By talking to my employer informally it is often the best way to resolve a problem. in order to discuss any concerns i should ask for a meeting with my employer, it is ideal to mention to my employer that i wish to resolve a problem. i can also talk to someone else with a higher authority within the workplace if i feel uncomfortable talking with the manager. It's important to...
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