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The project’s main characteristics and challenges identified by Jean Roberge are: Identify functionalities for all of ABS Business Systems and integrate for real time data exchange. Simplify system maintenance, achieving better management of ABS’ IT potential. With more and more ensuing “global businesses” ABS wants the conversion to improve their information exchanges to set them up as strong “global” contenders. Roberge also noted that “harmonization”, and consolidation of the three companies was top priority. In my opinion, I don’t think Jean Roberge took into consideration a “business as usual” rule. Managers in all of the departments will be concerned that “status quo” is maintained. For example, they will need to be reassured that their usual business processes in spite of implementation taking off will continue. For this size of a conversion the newly hired Project Manager will not only need to have highly technical skills but also have strong communication and organizational skills as well. I imagine this is quite an undertaking, without knowledge of the number of users involved, this project could end even before it begins if the candidate’s communication and highly organized skills are not taken into account. I believe the Consultants’ should have put together a scenario if the conversion was successful and one that had short falls, a mimic of trial and error or a “what if” scenario. The key points the Consultants’ would present of the candidates should be ABC implementation experience first and utmost. Also, include the candidates major accomplishments not only ABC

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implementations but also include the number of user’s involved in these types of conversions. A candidates “political prowess” regarding team building and cross functionality, and his ability to encourage conformity. Possibly have experience with the two newly acquired companies IT systems, to gain the ability to relate to any sudden problems...
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