Erp Ii the Next Generation Erp11.

Topics: Enterprise resource planning, Manufacturing resource planning, Material requirements planning Pages: 2 (349 words) Published: November 4, 2012
In the 1990s ERP was developed further to cover management information, cross-functional coordination and integration in support of various production processes. Although ERP systems offered many advantages, up until the late 1990s they could not take full advantage of internet technology. Even the few web-enabled ERP systems offered limited functionality.

This resulted in the 21st century ERP-II which took full advantages of technological advances like internet. ERP-II comes with comprehensive features that are exclusively suited to particular industries and furthermore offers numerous choices of functional components which are the major advantage of this system.

While ERP was a monolith and closed system, ERP-II provides numerous advantages. The ERP-II systems are web-based, open to integration and are interoperable with other systems. They support the best practices resulting in improved work practices. They easily connect to trading partners taking processes beyond enterprise boundaries.

ERP-II systems integrate with all sectors of business making information available to all authorized users across the supply chain, making this the ideal system for the 21st century.

Ralph M. Stair, George Reynolds, Tomas Chesney, 2009, Fundamentals of Business Information Systems 5th Ed , Mixed-Media Pack

The history of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) goes back to the 1960s, with the first software system developed for manufacturing processes focusing solely on inventory control. In the 1970s the MRP (Material Requirement Planning) was developed. This system was the first to computerize business processes. MRP used to effectively manage manufacturing helped in translating the Master Production plans into requirements for individual business units like sub-assemblies, components and raw material planning and procurement units.

In the 1980s MRP evolved to MRP-II (Manufacturing Resource...
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