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Topics: Bronze sculpture, Bronze, Sculpture Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: May 1, 2013
The statue of Eros sleeping is one of the key attractions in the metropolitan museum collections for the lovers of ancient Greek history. A glimpse at the magnificent work of art takes one away, far back in time to the Hellenistic age. Clearly it is one of the most remarkable works in the Metropolitan Museums total collection. The statues sculptor is not known but the time of its making has been correctly identified. Moreover historical studies have revealed much surrounding the statue of Eros as a sleeping baby. The Bronze Statue of Eros Sleeping dates back from the 3rd century B.C. to the early 1st century A.D. Recovered from the Rhode Island, the statue is one of the few surviving bronze art pieces from the Greek period to have endured the test of the centuries in an almost flawless state. The statue, which measured 85.2 cm in length, is displayed in the Greek wing of the museum. Undoubtedly, the Bronze Statue of Eros Sleeping is noteworthy not only for physical aspects but also for its iconographic significance in art history, particularly in understanding Greek culture of which the statue was once a part of. The ability of the statue to last for so long shows its sculptors determination to make a lasting piece that he no doubt meant to preserve the cherished culture of the time. The Greek bronze sculptures that were made at the time were complexes of geometric forms that resulted in the making of peculiar sculptures that distinguished the Greek culture. The sculptures of the Greek were different from the sculptures of the other contemporary cultures such as the Romans culture. In its location in the Metropolitan Museum, the Bronze Statue of Eros Sleeping commands the viewer’s attention by being a freestanding figure that makes it stand out in the empty exhibition space. It is best seen from the frontal angle, where the viewer has a full view of the entire statue. The statues composition also demands that it be seen from a small distance in order to get a...
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