Eros and Psyche --Play--

Topics: Aphrodite, Twelve Olympians, Zeus Pages: 9 (3438 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Narration: Olympus was the residence of the divine family, the twelve most important rulling gods and goddesses of ancient Greece, who therefore were called the Olympians. There they all lived together in an enormous palace, high above the clouds. Mount olympus is known as some msyterious region far above earth. It is within were the gods lived and slept and held court. Here they conversed of the affairs of the heaven and earth; In its great halls they feasted on ambrosia and nectar and were entertained by Apollo’s lyre, the Graces and Muses along the sides of its hall stood thrones, belonging to Olympians. No wind ever shakes the untroubled peace of Olympus; no rain ever falls nor snow. Such is a peaceful and serene place. A perfect abode for the gods and goddesses until such...

Muse 1: O great goddess of love and beauty, it seems this silver egg is about to hatch. Muse 2: This is the hour that the baby must see the Olympus. Aphrodite: I believe so.. Come dearly sisters and goddesses, lets give him all our blessings! (APHRODITE COME CLOSER TO THE EGG. SOUND EFFECTS: BREAKING OF EGG. ALL GODS AND GODDESSES GATHERED AROUND. SOUND EFFECT: CHEERS AND CLAPPING) Zeus: WELCOME TO OLYMPUS! And you will be named, CUPID, you will the bearer of love and happiness from Olympus to the world! Gods and Goddesses: (ALL TOGETHER) WELCOME TO OLYMPUS!!!

(GRAND ENTRANCE OF THE ROYAL FAMILY, THE COMMONERS AND SUITORS. SOME SERVANTS ARE SERVING FOOD AND WINE) King: Ah! Winter is over and spring is in the air! Demeter has robed the Earth in the gorgeous colors of rebirth. All because her lovely daughter, Persophone, has made yearly returns from the Underworld. But Demeter is not theonly one with a lovely daughter. In fact, I have three myself. Now, here me, you noblemen. These princesses are full grown and I will allow worthy citizens to come courting for their fair hands. Queen: And more gorgeous maidens you’ve never seen. Why I think my daughters are at least as pretty as Demeter’s darling. In fact, my youngest, Psyche, well she’s more beautiful than.... Than even the goddess Aphrodite herself. Psyche: Mother! You shoudn’t say such things. It is not true, and you will offend the gods with such boast. Sister 1: It’s certainly not true, since I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. Sister 2: Behave you shameless air head!

Psyche: Listen all of you are worthy citizens. But I will not pick any of you. Instead at the next harvest time I will go to the temple of Apollo and I will let the priestess of Apollo choose my husband. That way will be the will of the gods of Olympus. SCENE 3: THE GODS:

Zeus: Settle down Olympians. Let the muses in.
Zeus: I say, Eros, god of love, the one the Romans call Cupid, be careful with those arrows. Just a nick from one of them would make anyone fall in love with the first creature they see. Apollo: Yes Cupid, you’ve put Zeus lots of embarrassing situations after being struck by your arrows. He’s gone around dressed as a swan, as a bull, and many silly disguises when he’s fallen in love. Zeus: Well, I’m not the only one has looked like a fool after being hit by Cupid’s arrows. I distinctly remember that you Apollo, fell in love with a tree Hermes: That’s right! He got a mouthful of leaves after kissing a laurel tree. (GODS LAUGH)

Cupid: All of you act like falling in love is a terrible thing, when it can be the greatest joy Hera: It can be wonderful experience, but you are such a prankster, striking folks at such awkward times, right my dear. (GRABS ZEUS’ EARS) Zeus: True my queen!

Aphrodite: Hear me Cupid, I want you to use your swift arrows to make someone suffer a horrible fate. I want them to fall in love with a loathsome monster!! Zeus: You seem filled with bitterness, Aphrodite. It does not become you as goddess of love and beauty. Athena: Yes, Aphordite, your anger seems to have clouded your mind with vengeance. I don’t think you...
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