Ernest Hemingway

Topics: Ernest Hemingway, Meaning of life, Nobel Prize Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: May 29, 2013
The American writer Ernest Hemingway - is one of those writers whose work contributed to the development and deepening of realism in literature of the XX century. Hemingway was a recognized author in his lifetime, both critics and the readers, and that means his works have been relevant in his time and for his reader. His life was not very long, but surprisingly rich and full of dramatic events and the deepest feelings. Indeed, it was the two world wars, the Spanish Civil War, he was hunting in the Atlantic Ocean and in Africa, admired the Spanish bullfight and was its biggest connoisseur. He was a great boxer, sailor, swimmer, a sniper, a mountain climber. He understood people and nature. He was honest, courageous and uncompromising. He worked to exhaustion. Hemingway wrote reports, essays, articles, short stories, poems and novels. He was the real creator - a talented, unique, crossed the boundaries of time. Hemingway's work represents a step forward in the development of realistic prose. The main theme of Hemingway’s work, remained throughout his life, was a topic of the tragic fate of the average American. The soul of his novels are action, fighting, daring. The author admires the proud, strong, fully human characters who know how to maintain dignity in the most difficult circumstances. However, many of Hemingway's heroes are doomed to hopeless solitude and despair. Participation in the war has defined his world view. As a result, after the war came to an end, Hemingway and other writers began to look for a new system of values, a system of values that would replace the old attitudes which they thought proved to be useless. The writers who adopted these new beliefs came to be known as the "lost generation”. (Cooper, 2005) The war for the interests of others took away his health, his composure, gave trauma and nightmares. Hemingway talked about returning from war (collection of short stories, 1925), the essence of restless life of soldiers and their friends,...
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