Ernest Hemingway's the Old Man and the Sea

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  • Published : May 31, 2011
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The Old Man and the Sea includes many symbols and metaphors within the story line. Hemingway uses the technique of comparing two items as symbolism in his story to make this story personally unique and to share his point of view of many different worldly topics. Some of the metaphors Hemingway uses as symbols to relate the story to real life are the similarities between the marlin and life, life and the sea, and the poor and the rich.

Ernest Hemingway wrote about the marlin as if it was a human living in reality. This metaphor also includes a Christian aspect to it where Santiago (the old man) is God and the marlin is everyone on earth. Where Santiago found the marlin was in somewhat shallow water where it was closer to Santiago (the creator). The marlin was tempted with the hook like Adam and Eve were tempted with the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and eventually gave in and took the bait (Adam and Eve partaking of the fruit). Once the marlin realized it was hooked it started heading for deeper water to hide just as Adam and Eve hid from God. As the fish got deeper it naturally got darker, resembling man running away from God trying to make their sin unnoticeable. Along with swimming to deeper water, the marlin had to pull the boat behind him as a burden that he had to carry because he was trying to escape from his mistake. The old man wondering what the fish was doing said "If you're not tired, fish, you must be very strange." (The Old Man and the Sea, page 67, paragraph 4) just as God would wonder about man running and running from Him and never seeing the truth that is right in front of him. A good amount of time goes by and they're in deep waters where sharks attack the fish and do a little damage to the boat. The attack on the fish is like man going through the tribulation but evil doesn't just do damage to man but to God too because He cares about us and doesn't like  to see us suffering. At the end right after the old man sees...
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